Dinner at Sea Side Inn

Dinner is served…and oh boy was it good!!! If your intention is to have a quick dinner with no attention to utter deliciousness of your meal, then this place is definitely not for you. If you have all night to enjoy an evening with your dinner company and want a delicious meal, then this is absolutely the place for you to go. Your meal is prepared once you place your order, so you can expect freshness!

Sea Side Inn, as its name implies, sits along the ocean on the Southeastern side of St. Thomas. It’s a smaller restaurant with an intimate feel and dim lighting. When you walk through the front door, you are met with a chalkboard that lists the day’s menu next to the area where you place your order. Once you place your order, you have plenty of time to grab a seat, have a couple drinks and catch up with old friends while listening to 80s and 90s R&B.

The type of pot fish offered changes daily, so you may not get the same type of fish at every visit. Tonight’s fresh catch selection was Gutu and Snapper. Since Snapper is a run of the mill fish that our stateside visitors could have in their hometown we opted for Stew Gutu, a meaty tasty fish that they had never tried. It was served with a side salad, seasoned rice and fungi with okra.

Expect an hour before the plates hit the table. But once they hit…WOW! Seaside in does not disappoint! Before you know it, your plate is empty and you’re licking your fingers wishing there was more. The traditional Virgin Islands food, the laidback ambiance, the friendly staff and great company made for one amazing night. Sea Side Inn did not disappoint. This is a must visit for anyone who has plenty of time and understands that great food is never to be rushed.

Pricing: $$$$


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