Rudy’s Fraco Truck

Tamarind, Cherry with Milk, Tamarind Fraco
Sometimes you just have to give in to the calories and have a nice large cold Fraco!  The perfect hot weather treat.  What exactly is a Fraco?  It’s the island version of a Snow Cone…but so much better IMO.  As a little child, it was one of the treats that I looked forward to every afternoon after school – a hot dog washed down with a Fraco.  Now that I go back and forth between the Virgin Islands and the mainland, Rudy’s Fraco has become a must visit spot for me.  It is something that I always make sure to introduce my American friends to when they visit.  At Rudy’s you can choose from local flavors like Sugar Apple, Sour Sop, Mango, Tamarind, Papaya and Passion Fruit.  You can also go the more traditional snow cone route and choose from their regular flavors menu with options like Sex on The Beach, Root Beer, Banana, Cherry, Bubblegum and Strawberry.  But who wants to me traditional?!

Rudy’s Fraco Truck is parked between Emancipation Garden and the Post Office in Downtown St. Thomas.  They have 3 size options: Small $4, Medium $5 and Large $6.  My Fraco of choice is Cherry & Milk.  What’s your favorite Fraco?  The possibilities are deliciously endless.

And as for the customer service…it’s great!

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